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Product ManagementInternship Reflection3 months2023

For three months at AKQA, I had the incredible opportunity to work on Chick-fil-A’s delivery and fullfilment pod. My responsibilities encompassed shadowing a senior Product Manager, collecting requirements informed by client feedback, and developing and managing the product backlog. 

I had the opportunity to work with amazing people there and learned how individuals from different disciplines collaborate and communicate effectively. Additionally, my one-on-one meetings with the mentor allowed me to gain valuable insights into how product managers, UX designers, visual designers, developers collaborate and work within a agency setting.

Read More about the features I worked on Here!

My Internship Project is under NDA, so I cannot showcase them publicly. The following page is only a brief overview and reflection of my time there. Please email me if you want to know more about my project !

Learning Product Management

In my first week, I focused on getting familiar with both the product and the field by having regular meetings with my manager. We worked on writing requirements, analyzing the current app to outline EPICs and user stories, and learning about creating jobs to be done and developing a product roadmap. I also explored how to write Product Blueprint and learned about understanding customer needs, uncovering successful solutions, planning product releases, and prioritizing project scope.

Understanding the Product

I was surprised to be put on a product management team with no experience. However, I quickly learned that a junior product manager’s job is to help designers and engineers work together better. I also found out that the key to creating a successful product lies in thoroughly understanding its present condition, its users, and its overall environment.

To better understand the product, I organized roundtable meetings with all the product managers on the Chick-fil-A team and personally explored the ordering service through both walk-in and car pick-up methods to grasp the user's perspective. Additionally, I reviewed past documentation to gain a comprehensive understanding of this ecosystem.

Creating Backlogs

A significant portion of my project involved creating user stories, design considerations and acceptance criteria. I carefully crafted the requirements to allow designers ample creative freedom while providing sufficient context to clearly communicate how each piece of work would deliver value to the users in straightforward language.

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