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Empowering menopausal women & families with AI-guided symptom tracking, personalized management, family event scheduling, and community support. Transform menopause into a journey of understanding, growth, and unity. 

This piece, a collaboration with Duo Xu, has been nominated for The UX Design Awards - Spring 2024.

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Menopause struggles are prevalent and negatively impact women's health at various levels. Despite this, there is no inclusive solution addressing this widespread issue. Over the years, mainstream media has portrayed menopause challenges as something that women must deal with on their own or wait for professional help.
This perception underscores a significant gap in societal support, emphasizing the need for an inclusive approach and collective effort to navigate menopause.

How can we transform the isolated journey of
"menopause + middle-aged women" into a supportive "menopause +  us" experience?

We use GPT-powered women menopause coach, Kina, to provide resources and suggestions for addressing personal scenarios. These activities are designed to positively influence the home environment, allowing for reconnection with mom and family members, and offering opportunities for a Gentle Check-in. Kina would also check in with family members to conduct a retrospective. She would provide solid feedback and support based on the reflection.

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