Sight of Sounds:
Better Than Revenge

Risograph AnimationExhibition DesignZinePostersPostcards2023

This riso animation and printed materials transform Taylor Swift's "Better Than Revenge" into a dynamic visual storytelling experience, exploring physical texture at the intersection of revenge, as a emotion, and Pop Punk.

Final Thoughts

This process is highly focused on production. Within a two-week timeframe, Tiffany and I managed to prepare the master contact sheets for videos and most of the prints in the first week, while the second week was dedicated to experimenting with the riso machine. We learned the importance of patience in the riso process; our initial trials revealed that the contrast of the contact sheets was not sufficiently high, necessitating adjustments to enhance the definition of details and textures. Additionally, we intentionally utilized misalignment and negative space to refine some complex shapes.

This process has been a valuable learning experience in exercising patience and intentionality in craftsmanship, embracing the concept of "imperfection," and effectively managing time.